Give your restaurant the recipe for a perfectly managed waitlist

Let Your Guests Join the Waitlist Remotely

Guest can add themselves to your restaurant waitlist remotely from any device, eliminating the need for physical check-ins. You can also provide a tablet based kiosk for on-site registration at the entrance. 

Girl receiving a text while shopping, letting her know her table is ready at your restaurant.

Freedom for Diners While Waiting

Allow restaurant guests the flexibility to wait from anywhere, reducing congestion outside the restaurant, at the host stand, or at the bar. Patrons will receive a notification when their table becomes available.

Online Booking Convenience

Offer guests the option to make online reservations by configuring your restaurant’s capacity and booking hours. Send reservation reminders to ensure guests arrive on time.

Setting up online reservations on the Waitly platform.

Personalize Customer Communication

Customize your messaging to make guests feel valued, even when there is a wait. Enable two-way messaging to facilitate communication between your guests and your restaurant while they wait.

Merge Walk-Ins and Reservations Seemlessly

Eliminate the complexity of managing separate lines by integrating walk-ins and reservations in real-time through a robust waitlist management system, ensuring efficient use of available tables.

Get Business insights into your wait time and number of reservations.

Enhanced Business Insights

Gain valuable operational insights through user-friendly analytics, helping you identify and resolve operational challenges. Monitor average wait times, peak restaurant hours, employee performance, and more.

See the benefits for yourself.