Waitlist and Reservations that work with Square

We are a Square Partner!

Our waitlist and reservation system keeps your busy operations humming. Add guests to your waitlist and we’ll send a text when you’re ready to serve them. It’s that simple!

Waitly Square Partner Photo
Square Waitlist Terminal
Square Terminal with Waitly Waitlist

Engage with your Customers

Waitly makes it easy for you to reach your customers. We’ll add waitlisted guests to your Square customer list. Then use Square’s marketing features to drive repeat visits.

Take Reservations from your Website

In just a few clicks, add Reservations or waitlist self check-in to your Square Online site. Drive more traffic to your website, and save time checking in guests.

Waitly Waitlist on your Square Website
Personalize your text messages

A Solution for any size company

Whether you are a restaurant with dozens of locations or a single coffee shop, we have you covered with a plan to meet your needs.

See the benefits for yourself.